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  • Four lakes and one forest


    The town I live in is where I grew up, it is very small. Let me show you around a bit. Here in this white building is where I went to school. Let’s take a look inside. Empty schoolhouses must be something of the creepiest. Look at these huge long staircases. You can hear the sounds of the children, sense all the excitement and frustration, can’t you? We used to slide down the side of the handlebars, here, all the way down. Sometimes when you jumped off to giddily it hurt your ankles quite a bit but one would never show any sign of pain. Only a short sting anyway. Before entering the classroom we had to take off our shoes and then put on our slippers. The jackets where all supposed to be neatly hung up on the coat racks. Usually we would have to wait in front of the classroom for our teacher to arrive and unlock the door for us to enter. Every time he had a big bunch of keys in his hands, with which he would shake our tiny little ones and crush our delicate fingers. Ouch! On his face a big grin. My classmates where a funny bunch. We always used to know who was in love with who or what everybody was up to in general. I was the dreamy, creative one. Once when we were at camp up North they asked me if I could write love letters for their secret crushes. I wrote one for mine too. Some of them were successful and the admiration got returned. But mine wasn’t. I cried my eyes out. We found a snail outside and put it in a girl’s bed. That trip I got my period and was too ashamed to tell anyone. My trousers got all red, they were all drenched in blood but I just covered it up, tied a jumper around my waist. During class when I got bored I looked through the shiny see-through ruler or imagined everyone as animals. Our teacher was definitely a boar. One of my first few school romances was Benjamin who I went out with for a few months. But then he started having doubts about us. His concern was that he might not be able to focus on school enough. I never went out with a popular guy before. Him and his cousin were liked by all. Their fathers were brothers and their mothers sisters. Once Simon had the hey fever, his tissue box was completely empty and no one else had any left so he just blew his nose into his T-shirt. Daniel who for some reason always made sexist jokes from a very early age on once drank some watercolour paint and felt very sick afterwards. I once swallowed my own tooth. Apparently it shall bring you wisdom. People asked me if I ever saw that tooth again, I didn’t.

    When we got to the older school one teacher used to be really rude constantly. As long as it wasn’t directed at you it could be funny. One of his legs was usually propped up on a chair or sometimes even as high as a table. Like that he could rest his upper body on his knees and wag other arm about dramatically. Bad luck came my way one afternoon when he felt the need to lecture me on how bleak my future will be. They used to bombard us quite a bit about how the time for decision is now otherwise we will be banned from civilisation. I imagined being homeless, begging on the side of the streets if I didn’t decide for the right profession. My then former teachers, all gone grey by that time would walk past and cough: ‘told you’. Back then I had no clue what to do. All I knew is I wanted to get out of there.


  • Nosy Josy


    // What is your first memory of?

    — Going into the greenhouse probably when I was less than 4 years old.

    // What is your favourite word?

    — No favourite word but like the sound of caffuffle(spelling??), extraordinary, quelch

    // Who would you like to meet for a walk in the park?

    — I’d LIKE to walk in the park with my dad as he was when he was about 40 years old.

    // What do you enjoy eating a lot of?

    — Coffee cake! But also Pad Thai or green mango salad!

    // What was your last dream about?

    — Like eating a lot of gooey coffe cake with walnuts but can’t remember my dreams.

    // What are you afraid of?

    — Afraid of the pitch black dark.

    // Where would you fly to today if you had no commitments at all?

    — I’d fly to Majorca today if I could and stay near a long beach. 

    // What is your favourite smell?

    — Favourite smell is of baking or a roast in the oven. 

    // What did you do last weekend?

    — Last w/end i flew to Uk and went to national Portrait Gallery all on the same day. 

    // What is your favourite time of the day?

    — Love early sunny mornings when it’s quiet. 

    // What are you looking forward to?

    — Looking forward to the next time I can lie on a warm, sunny beach!!



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